ABE FARM with A-berry Co., Ltd.

Welcome to the Shimokita’s Strawberry Farmer, “ABE FARM”!!

*Shimokita = The name of a Japanese district, located in the northern part of Aomori Prefecture, also known as the "Shimokita Penisula". 



In ŌHATA TOWN, Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan - we are cultivating the KASYŪ (Summer-Autumn) ICHIGO* in six greenhouses (about 12a).

*ICHIGO = Japanese noun for strawberries


It’s been 5 years since I started farming, however until then I have drifted from job to job variously. Household delivery drug sales staff, car dealer, OA equipment sales etc… and these were mainly just to sell products to the customers. After that, I became more interested in being responsible from making products and wanted to bring smiles to the customers who purchased the products, so that I decided to switch to the agricultural business.


Meanwhile, I found out that people in Shimokita are producing strawberries that can be harvested during Summer and Autumn, and which is only possible in Shimokita but not in other regions. In Shimokita, where the seasonal cold wind blows and the temperature can drop below 10 Celsius even in the Summer time which causes a great impact on the growth of agricultural products so that vegetable growing is pretty tough, but on the contrary, it looked very attractive to me because I was convinced that it would become an advantage. Then I really wanted to do what I can do in this place where I was originally born and grown.


I believe that everyone can smile when eating something tasty. Don’t you think everyone likes strawberries? Isn’t that amazing if you can make something that everyone likes?! Then, I want to produce something that makes everyone happy with my own hands! – So, here’s my aspiration for making strawberries.


Now, let us introduce SHIMOKITA KASYŪ ICHIGO with confidence!

Furthermore, I am willing to continue further challenging in order to contribute for people’s joy and smile, energy and happiness from now on!




  • The varieties are “SUZUAKANE” and “AKAI-YOUSEI (Red Fairy)”. They feature a refreshing acidity and matches with sweets, cookies and deserts etc. These are mainly shipped for commercial use and for processing.
  • The harvest season is from May to November. The KASYŪ ICHIGO produced under the cool weather in Shimokita are quite valuable as domestic strawberries during these term.
  • They are grown and managed with humidity and temperature in the greenhouses cultivation. Moisture and nutrients are also well managed and given from the pipes that pass through the ridges.
  •  It’s a star of agriculture in Shimokita! - In recent years, the number of young farmers has been increasing, aiming for “cool” and “edible” agriculture.

ICHIGO Recipes

Enjoy with condensed milk or chocolate!


ICHIGO RISOTTO, the surprisingly delicious!



The strawberries we make are used for not only sweets but also for processed products, so that almost all of them are shipped to the market. However, 2~5% of them cannot be shipped since some are smaller than standard size, some are too large, some are not well-shaped, etc. - these are categorized as “non-standard” products. 


Therefore, we established a company to produce squeeze strawberry juice to work on reducing food losses. Under the technical guidance from the nearby Shimokita Brand Research Institute, a local cider using strawberry juice, named as “SHIMOKITA KASYŪ ICHIGO CIDER” was finally born! 


The content of fruit juice is 15% with non-fragrances, non-preservatives nor coloring are used so that even small kids can drink with confidence. The taste and the aroma are completely just like strawberries itself – this is the serious cider made by the strawberry farmer.


The label is designed by Ms. MIZUHO TAKEMURA, who was selected in the contest, and it shows her love for her hometown.

A Challenge to the ICHIGO WINE Making

It’s the liquor lover’s ambition! Nothing is better if we could drink the wine made out of our own strawberries! We are pretty SERIOUS in making our original wines also.


Welcome for Your Experience/Volunteering


Anyone who is interested in strawberry cultivation or interested in helping with farmer work are very much welcome. We recruit anytime from May to October. 

Experience Meeting/Tour

We are happy to guide you our sight as much as possible, as far as you’re interested although this is not a sightseeing strawberry garden. Please make sure to contact us in advance.